Professional education and training partner for the global wind industry

Blade training and courses


We offer blade training in the following areas: 

  • Inspection, replacement, and repairs of Lightening Protection Systems 
  • Inspection and Leading Edge Repair 
  • Blade training and repair of complicated blade structural damages 
  • Refresher and recertification courses for different kinds of blade repair training 
  • Inspection, documentation, and reporting of all types of on-site repairs 
  • Mold making - including repairs and maintenance 
  • Construction of structural laminates (single-skin, sandwich, pre-pregs) 
  • Various infusion techniques 
  • Repairs of all types of composite surfaces, gelcoat, laminates – including carbon and hybrid fibers with or without vacuum consolidation 
  • Bonding and adhesion 
  • Polyurethane castings 
  • In-house testing of material such as tensile tests, deflection tests, adhesion tests using dollies, gloss tests, hardness tests etc. 
  • Single-skin repairs (boats, cars, fairings etc.) 
  • Sandwich laminates (using different matrix materials: balsa, foam, hardwood, etc.) 
  • Silicone casting - including latex 
  • Mold making techniques (single-skin, sandwich, PU etc.) 
  • Plug construction techniques (manual, milling, hot blade cutting, 3D printing, scanning) 
  • Vacuum infusion techniques (RTM, VUI, compressor etc.) 
  • Hand lay-up of various laminate types (single-skin, sandwich) 
  • Infusion of carbon and aramid fibers 
  • Handling of pre-pregs 

All training can be held in English and Danish.

Read what we have conducted:

  • More than 500 courses in Personal Safety When Working with Epoxy and Isocyanates in both English and Danish. 
  • Blade Training of Siemens Gamesa, MHI Vestas, Vestas and their subcontractors. 
  • A large series of introduction training courses for technicians and operators working in the composite industry. 
  • More than 100 ”Blade School” 10 days training in safety, process and mind-set 
  • Training sessions for instructors at plant launches in the UK, the USA, China and Morocco 
  • Safety courses relating to the transitioning to new technologies in Denmark, China and the USA 



See what we are certified in:

  • Performing inspection, replacement, and repairs of Lightening Protection Systems 
  • Conducting training courses in inspection and Leading Edge Repair 
  • Conducting training courses in inspection, repair, and installation of Leading Edge Protection 
  • Conducting training of repair of complicated blade structural damages 
  • Conducting refresher courses and recertification courses for the above-mentioned courses and training 
  • Inspection, documentation, and reporting and filing of all types of on-site repairs