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GWO Blade Repair


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GWO Blade Repair - Certification
Upon completion of GWO Blade Repair, participants will be aware of the risks and hazards they can encounter when working with blade inspection and repair within the wind industry. Furthermore, they will be able to control and mitigate those risks and hazards. The GWO Blade Repair course will also equip participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to appropriately respond in the event of a hazardous situation and to increase their safety through proper use of personal protective equipment, emergency equipment, procedures and safe craftsmanship.

Strategic objectives
Training in accordance with this standard will enable participants to support and care for themselves and others working in the wind industry by possessing the knowledge and skills of composite inspection and repair work. Upon completion of the GWO Blade Repair course, participants will be able to work safely with composite materials while conducting inspection and basic blade repair procedures, thereby supporting an overall improvement of the safety for personnel with job functions focussing on composite repair work and inspection in the wind industry.

Objectives of GWO Blade Repair 
Upon successful completion of the GWO Blade Repair course, participants will be able to perform and document a wind turbine blade inspection, execute repair work in accordance with a work instruction while maintaining the aerodynamic profile and structural integrity in glass fibre reinforced composite parts of a wind turbine within the following dimensions:

  • Trailing edge repairs up to 1,5 m in length
  • Leading edge repairs up to 1,5 m in length
  • Laminate repairs down to core material
  • Core material replacement up to 200 cm²
  • Surface repair to paint and gelcoat

The GWO Blade Repair is intended as an entry level course and therefore the participants will not be expected to perform repairs in major structural elements of blades like spars, spar caps and carbon fibre.

To successfully complete the GWO blade repair training, the participant must be able to:

  • Demonstrate awareness of the course content and the facilities involved to ensure a clear understanding of what is expected during the course (L2 - Knowledge & Attitude)
  • Demonstrate the ability to work safely with applicable chemicals while utilizing the applicable personal protective equipment in a controlled manner throughout all phases of composite inspection and repair work (L3 - Skills)
  • Explain typical types of composite construction, materials and the importance of surface finish relating to aerodynamic performance and efficiency (L2 - Knowledge)
  • Distinguish between and work safely in a controlled manner with epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester, methacrylate, reinforcement materials and solvents related to composite inspection and repair work (L3 - Skill).
  • Prepare, operate and maintain the correct tools and equipment, be it electrical or mechanical (L2 - Skill)
  • Demonstrate the ability to safely execute and document laminate, sandwich panel and surface layer repairs in accordance with a work instruction in glass fibre reinforced composite parts

10 days

To attend the GWO Blade Repair a certificate in epoxy and polyester safety is required.
Participants must follow national law in Denmark, where is it a prerequisite that participants before starting GWO Blade Repair, must hold the following 2 certificates:

47942, Personal safety when working with Epoxy and Isocyanates
Work on epoxy and isocyanates may only be carried out by individuals who have completed the training required by the Danish Working Environment Authority's Executive Order No. 1793 of 18 December 2015 on work on substances and materials (chemical agents), Appendix 3.

48139, Polyester molding safety
Work on styrene and polyester may only be carried out by individuals who have undergone special training prepared by the Labor Market Organizations and approved by the Director of the Danish Labor Inspection Authority, cf. 2011 with later changes.

If the participant can document correct certificates, the participant can start directly on GWO Blade Repair.
Participants need to bring both certificates to the GWO Blade Repair course and be able to show them if necessary.  

Please find certificates which include epoxy and polyester training, and are approved as a prerequisite to attend GWO Blade Repair course here.

If questions about epoxy/polyester certificates please feel free to contact Educational Consultant Birgitte Boe

Validity period of GWO Blade Repair certificate
Does not expire.

Theory and practice


Working clothes for indoors and safety shoes
Participants must bring working clothes and safety shoes.

Course address  
Global education & training 
Øster Uttrup Vej 1  
9000 Aalborg  

Time of the training 
8:00-15:25 all 10 days  
Food and beverage during the course  
Meals and beverage during the course are at your own expense and our canteen offers meals at reasonable prices.

Price per participant
DKK 27.700,00
€ 3.714,00

Price is exclusive VAT.

Accommodation in Aalborg during the course  
Accommodation is not included in the course price above. Accommodation must be arranged by participants employer (or the participant).   

We recommend KOMPAS Hotel Aalborg (only 3 km from TECHCOLLEGE Composite). Please use the booking code “TECHCOLLEGE” (nice price with booking code is DKK 575 per day). 

Read more about KOMPAS Hotel and book here

Bus connections to the school  
Bus no. 6 and 18 stops right in front of TECHCOLLEGE. 
Bus no. 17 stops at Skovgårdsvej, only 400 meters from TECHCOLLEGE.  

By any questions, please do not hesitate to contact  
Educational Consultant Birgitte Boe, +45 25 26 62 49

Birgitte Boe 
Educational Consultant

Instructors on the course

Nils Johan Martin Uppström
Johan Upström has many years of work experience within wind turbine manufacturing working at one of the largest Danish wind energy companies. This includes five years of teaching experience with emphasis on safety, process skills and technology of materials. Upström has taken part in training employees for new work processes, blade types and at plant launchings both nationally and internationally including Canada, Morocco and England. Furthermore, he has participated in the development and planning of various skills training setups, such as specialized training for specific parts of blade manufacturing.
Ronni Bach
Ronni Bach has years of work experience within the composite industry, including working for the largest Danish manufacturer of wind turbines. In addition to this, he has worked with training and management at boatyards. Bach has conducted Blade Training globally (including the USA, China, Morocco, Canada and England), and has participated in the development and planning of various training setups, including BladeSchool. Bach has developed and conducted a wide range of certificate courses within advanced structural repairs for global blade service technicians.
AMU-Number Subject Number of days

GWO Blade Repair course boosted Mark’s career

The GWO Blade Repair certification course has given Mark Kjølby many new oppertunities, and he has continued his career at Siemens Gamesa – now as a blade repair technician.