Professional education and training partner for the global wind industry

Certified instructors


TECHCOLLEGE Composite's instructors are all certified and have extensive technical and practical knowledge, and most importantly, they are experienced teachers and instructors who are able to plan and carry out training that develops and enhances the skills of each technician, which will optimize the quality of the work on repair tasks both on and offsite. 

All instructors have extensive teaching experience in the composite field and are certified in blade manufacturing, basic blade repair, nonstructural repair, complicated structural repair, lightning protection systems, trailing edge repair, building up and complicated repair on leading edge, including different types of soft shells.


Ronni Bach

Ronni Bach has years of work experience within the composite industry including working for the largest Danish manufacturer of wind turbines. In addition to this, he has worked with training and management at boatyards. Bach has conducted Blade Training globally (including the USA, China, Morocco, Canada and England), and has participated in the development and planning of various training setups, including BladeSchool. Bach has developed and conducted a wide range of certificate courses within advanced structural repairs for global blade service technicians.

Nils Johan Martin Uppström

Johan Upström has many years of work experience within wind turbine manufacturing working at one of the largest Danish wind energy companies. This includes five years of teaching experience with emphasis on safety, process skills and technology of materials. Upström has taken part in training employees for new work processes, blade types and at plant launchings both nationally and internationally including Canada, Morocco and England. Furthermore, he has participated in the development and planning of various skills training setups, such as specialized training for specific parts of blade manufacturing.