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Composite Operator Education


At TECHCOLLEGE Composite we offer the blade specialty of the Composite Operator Education, which is  a 2.5-year long apprenticeship-based vocational education. During school periodes, students acquire skills and knowledge about the composite field and they do hands-on training in the composite workshops, where they learn to construct molds and items in fiberglass and other composite materials.

Students learn to work safely with epoxy and other materials and to follow workshop instructions and procedures.

Besides workshop training, the education also includes classes in:

  • English 
  • Science 
  • Technology of materials 
  • Working environment and work safety 
  • IT tools and CNC 
  • Reading technical drawings  
  • Drawing using CAD, CAM and Inventor  
  • Lean and Six Sigma tools  
  • Quality, environmental, and production management systems  
  • Cooperation  
  • The value-adding links  
  • Innovation  
  • Production optimization  
  • Joining, bonding and adhesion 
  • Installation technology and production planning  
  • Measuring techniques and measuring equipment  
  • Robotics  
  • Casting processes  
  • Manufacturing and preparation of molds  
  • Repair and finish of composites  
  • Maintenance of molds  
  • Surface  
  • Basic knowledge about electricity and hydraulics